Try Unlimited Whiskey Samplings at Dallas’ Whiskey Washback

Whiskey lovers of Dallas, get set for the Whiskey Washback Dallas, all set to hit this 13th of October at the 2616 Commerce Event Center in Dallas from 6 pm to 10 pm.

More than one hundred and twenty-five types of whiskies in one place! This Whiskey Washback whiskey-tasting festival in Dallas is a must-attend event for all whiskey lovers.

You get three hours of unlimited whiskey samplings from various brands. 

Get ready for this whiskey fest being organized by Fever.

1. About the Whiskey Washback Festival

If you are enthusiastic about whiskeys, this diverse event is for you. You will get to celebrate the years-old legacy of whiskey. 

All over the world and in various countries various types of whiskies are made using different techniques and elements. This Whisky Washback event brings together a lot of types of whiskies for you. 

From rye, scotch, and bourbon to more types of drinks from Scotland, Tennessee, Kentucky, and other regions will be made available for sample tasting. 

Apart from this, at this whiskey-tasting festival, you will also get to interact with a lot of people from the world of whiskey production and innovations who keep the legacy alive. 

Try Unlimited Whiskey Samplings at Dallas's Whiskey Washback
Courtesy: Fever

But this event is not all about whiskeys, a lot of other elements will also be included and if you are lucky, you also get a chance to win a bottle of whiskey from the Bowery Collective.

Firstly, there will be a variety of local and authentic food vendors including Irish and American who will put up stalls.

You can buy small bites and snacks from here and enjoy your meals and do not forget to try the Chets or the signature Crab Cakes from PeeWees Crab Cakes. 

Apart from this, Rex’s Seafood will also be there with live shucking with a pairing of scotch-infused mignonette.

Apart from all these facilities, there will be live music from  Jukebox Heroes and an outdoor cigar lounge. 

Last but not least, art and craft goods from Buena Vida Designs & Simple Preppers will also be put up for show and sale. Do not forget to visit that section of the event. 

2. Tickets and Its Types

You will have a choice between two types of tickets for the Whiskey Washback on Fever.

  • The first one is the VIP ticket for $125 and this ticket will allow you an early entry to the fest for interacting with whiskey brand ambassadors. Secondly, you will also get four long hours to taste higher-end branded whiskey that is more than eighteen years old Scotch and finished bourbon. 
  • The second type of ticket is the General admission ticket for $100. It will allow you to taste whiskeys for three hours and you will also be allowed to buy items from the various food stalls that will be set up.  

3. General Information

The event is scheduled to take place on 13 October 2023. 

The timings of the event will depend on the type of ticket that you will decide to buy. If you buy a VIP ticket then the event timings for you will be 6 pm to 10 pm. 

And if you buy a general admission ticket then the event timings will be for you 7 pm to 10 pm.

Many whiskey bottles were kept under the lights in the dark.
Photo by Kelly on Pexels

The venue of this whiskey-tasting festival is 2616 Commerce Event Center, Dallas.

The most important thing to note is that there is an age requirement for attending this event.

Only people who are 21 years or more in age will be allowed to attend this event and additionally, a valid identification is also required to get entry.  

4. Get Ready to Have Some of the Best Whiskies in Dallas

  • What: Whiskey Washback in Dallas.
  • When: 13th October, 2023.
  • Time: VIP tickets- 6 pm to 10 pm / General tickets- 7 pm to 10 pm.
  • Where: 2616 Commerce Event Center, Dallas.
  • Tickets: Check out Fever

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