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The Bear Grylls Survival Academy in Sani Resort, Greece enters its third year and is free for families and teens to learn how to start fires, make spears and hunt for food in the wild can do.

Bear Grylls has designed a survival academy exclusively for Sani Resort.

Bear Grylls has designed a survival academy exclusively for Sani Resort.

The Bear Grylls Survival Academy is the first of its kind at a European resort, inviting outdoor enthusiasts and young adventurers to join them in a range of nature-based adventures created by adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls. doing.

Active families can hone their wilderness survival skills at Sani Resort’s 1,000-acre ecological reserve, complete with pine-fringed beaches, woodlands and wetlands. Activities include shelter and fire building, navigation, signaling for help, and astro navigation on nighttime treks through the resort’s woodlands. The course also includes a special extraction experience on a boat with views of Cape Sani.

Guests can choose a family course or a teen course. The Family Option is aimed at people with children ages 6 and up to “develop a strong bond while learning valuable survival skills”. Take a lesson in concealment to enhance your skills in blending into your environment. By traveling through the Sani Forest, participants develop their knowledge of survival, ending with the challenge of setting up a camp, building a shelter, and building a campfire.

Teens can learn basic knife skills

Teens can learn basic knife skills

A six-day course for teens teaches young people navigation, spear-building, stalking, tracking, raft-building, and foraging in the wild, while developing basic survival skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership I’m doing it.

See the course in action and hear Grylls talk in this video.

Bear Grylls says: Never experienced before. I have always believed that the currency of life is resilience. Learn how to deal with failure. Learn how to build a team, how to be a leader, and how to communicate well. Sani’s Academy does just that, away from academics, in the incredible natural setting of Sani Resort. ”

Sani Resort’s sports academies include the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center and the Chelsea FC Football Academy, suitable for children and adults alike. The resort also offers Padi-certified scuba diving, cycling at the KTM Bike Club, sailing, water sports, yoga, aerial yoga, archery, and a Spartan gym.

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