U.S. Secretary of Commerce Discusses Business Development in Pittstone


City of Pittston, Lucerne County (WBRE/WYOU) — Members of President Joe Biden’s Cabinet are in northeastern Pennsylvania on Friday.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimond was in Pittston Friday afternoon. She was invited to the city by Congressman Matt Cartwright.

Secretary Raimond came to talk about small business development, revitalization and, of course, the economy.

Secretary Raimond toured downtown Pittton with Rep. Matt Cartwright and Mayor Mike Lombardo. Pittston is a leader in small business development and downtown revitalization.

The secretary met with business owners to talk about how the federal government can help move forward.

Raimond then attended a roundtable discussion at the Pittston Memorial Library. The roundtable was attended by business leaders from across the region, including many chairmen of regional chambers of commerce.

“Well, I’ve seen communities working together to create jobs and make sure there’s an opportunity for everyone here, but what I’ve seen is Congressman Cartwright’s commitment to this community. It was that all the work we were doing to bring in the money was being carried out.” Raimondo.

“Well, I think it was a great opportunity to talk to some leaders in Washington about what is needed at the local level and be honest with you. is needed,” said Lombardo.

Raimondo says the information will be brought back to Washington and used to develop policies that can better help communities across the country, not just here in northeastern Pennsylvania.

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