Ukrainian war latest news: Putin blames Russian military for Makievka missile attack, 89 killed in attack


Dozens of Russian soldiers reportedly killed in Ukrainian attack

Russia’s defense ministry said the Ukrainian military’s unauthorized use of mobile phones was responsible for the deaths of 89 Russian servicemen in the Makhivka attack.

“It is already clear that the main reason for what happened was the extensive use of mobile phones switched on by personnel within reach of enemy weapons, contrary to the ban,” the ministry said in a statement. Stated.

It came as military leaders faced calls for punishment after one of the worst attacks ever launched by the United States. UkraineUkraine says 400 soldiers were killed and another 300 wounded in the attack.

After the Kremlin took the rare step of acknowledging losses in a strike at a makeshift barracks on Monday, the commander was accused of ignoring the apparent danger.

A popular Russian nationalist military blogger previously reported that the deaths had ammunition in the same building as the barracks, even though commanders knew it was within range of the Ukrainian army, which was bolstered with ammunition from Western countries. He said that it was the result of storage.

The anger was also felt by politicians.Sergei Mironov, member of parliament and former speaker RussiaThe Senate has demanded criminal liability for officials who “allowed military personnel to concentrate in unprotected buildings.”


Snak told Zelensky that Ukraine could ‘count on’ long-term British aid

The two leaders met after a rocket attack in Ukraine killed dozens of Russian soldiers. Donetsk region.

Over the New Year holidays, Russia focused its attacks on Ukrainian sites.

Mr. Sunak told Ukrainians president He said the country could “expect the UK to continue its support in the long term”.

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Zelensky warns of new Russian attacks

In a video address Tuesday, President Zelensky reaffirmed his warning that Russia would launch a major offensive.

“There is no doubt that the current rulers of Russia will throw out everything they have left and everyone they can muster in order to turn the tide of the war and at least delay its defeat,” said Zelensky.

“This Russian scenario must be disrupted. We are preparing for it. The terrorists must lose. Their new attack attempt must fail.”

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Alerts reported in Kyiv and Mykolaiv

Ukraine’s state broadcaster Saspirun reported an aviation warning in Kyiv.

Vitaly Kim, governor of Mykolaiv, also posted on Telegram, reporting an air alert in the area.

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Ukraine says 400 soldiers killed in Makievka attack

Ukraine says 400 soldiers were killed and another 300 wounded in an attack on a conscript college in Makyivka, Donetsk region.

Putin has blamed the illegal use of mobile phones by his own soldiers for the deaths of 89 Russian troops in a Ukrainian missile attack over the weekend.

In a statement on Wednesday, Russia’s defense ministry said four Ukrainian missiles hit a Russian makeshift barracks at a vocational school in Makyovka, the twin city of the Russian-occupied eastern regional capital Donetsk. Ukraine.

Russia previously said 63 soldiers were killed in strikes over the weekend.

Exactly how many soldiers died is difficult to ascertain, and Moscow rarely confirms battlefield casualties.

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Thousands use Kyiv metro as shelter on New Year’s Eve

About 5,200 people used the Kyiv metro system as shelter during the New Year’s Eve air raids.

City officials said in a statement posted on Telegram:

“The subway infrastructure operates 24/7 as a shelter and provides the most necessary conditions such as drinking water, sanitation facilities and charging of gadgets.”

The message continued, adding that people should “take care of themselves” and that they should “use shelters during air alerts.”

Kyiv residents taking refuge underground


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ICYMI: Putin accused of using the same woman in multiple photo shoots

President Vladimir Putin has been accused of using the same people to pose in different roles for presidential photo opportunities as the war in Ukraine enters its 11th month.

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Ukraine and EU to hold summit in February

According to the Zelensky president’s office, Ukraine and the EU are scheduled to hold a summit on February 3, which will focus on discussions of military and financial aid.

An AFP report said on Monday that President Zelensky had spoken to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on the first phone call of the year about the high-level meeting.

The statement said:

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Ukrainian army hangs on the front line in Bakhmut

Ukraine said the situation on the front line near the eastern town of Bakhmut was particularly difficult.

Ukrainian military commander-in-chief General Valery Zaruzhny said in a statement that Russian forces have repeatedly tried to capture Bakhmut and its surrounding areas, in some cases literally advancing over the corpses of its own soldiers. reported.

Writing on Telegram, the commander added that the Ukrainian army was hanging.

FILE – A Ukrainian soldier launches a drone at a Russian position near Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, Thursday, December 15, 2021.

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Putin Meets with Erdogan Today

Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan today, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Interfax.

Turkey acted as mediator alongside the United Nations last year to finalize a deal to allow grain exports from Ukrainian ports, but serious peace talks are unlikely, especially as fighting escalates. It looks almost nonexistent.

File: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Tayyip on the sidelines of the Sixth Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in Astana on October 13, 2022. I will meet with President Erdogan.

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Zelensky says Russia will do anything to delay defeat

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy did not mention in his video speech yesterday that a Ukrainian missile strike hit a Russian makeshift barracks at a technical school in Makyovka.

“There is no doubt that the current Russian rulers will throw out everything that is left and everyone they can muster in order to turn the tide of the war and at least delay its defeat,” he said. rice field.

“This Russian scenario must be disrupted. We are preparing for it. The terrorists must lose. Their new attack attempt must fail.”

(Presidential Palace of Ukraine)

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