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USC Initiative to Integrate AI and Digital Literacy Skills in Every Student

of University of Southern California (USC)Long known as a leading provider of advances in computer science and technology talent, the company has been dubbed the “frontier of computing” with a focus on “AI, machine learning and data science, augmented and virtual reality, and robotics.”10 announced a billion-dollar initiative. , games, blockchain,” according to the release. The institution calls it “the single largest comprehensive academic effort in the history of the university.”

New efforts include consolidating the computing skills of all students across all disciplines and programs, including the construction of new facilities. The initiative was sprouted in 2019 with her $260 million donation from the Road Foundation of California. In honor of its founder, Thomas Lord, USC Viterbi’s Computer Science Department will be named Thomas Lord His Computer Science Department.

USC’s Frontiers of Computing program includes:

  • The headquarters of the USC School of Advanced Computing will be housed in a new 116,000-square-foot center named “Dr. be. West of Los Angeles, near his two current labs, the Information Science Lab and the Creative Technology Lab.
  • Schools will hire 30 new computer science and research faculty by 2025 and 60 additional by 2030.
  • Continue to expand education and advance debate on the ethics and responsibility of computing technology and AI at the recently opened Generative AI and Social Center.
  • Continue to educate and prepare students for current and future technology careers with new programs, courses, and experiential education driven by advances in technology, especially generative AI.and
  • It continues to have an economic impact not only on California, but across the United States, especially on the East Coast.

USC President Carol Fort said, “Whether in the sciences, business, humanities or the arts, we want all students in our programs to have a solid foundation in technology and work ethics. I would like to,” he said. “We integrate digital literacy across disciplines to develop responsible leaders for the workforce of the future.”

According to USC Computing Frontiers Web Pagethe initiative will “impact all students in 22 schools,” adding that “every field today requires a certain level of digital fluency, so students in all schools will be able to learn, among other things, data analysis, coding, and ethics.” You will be exposed to training such as

According to the university, the effort will be launched in three main technology areas: “Advancements in AI and machine learning software, improvements in hardware efficiency and scalability, and the expansion of quantum computing in the era of big data.”

For more than 50 years, USC has spearheaded breakthroughs in computer science, AI, machine learning, and quantum computing, according to its website, including “domain name systems (.com, . Net, .edu, etc.) and building a natural domain name system.” These include language processing that preceded the current large-scale language model, the first quantum computing system at a university, and social support robots. The university graduates more than 1,300 computer science bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students each year.can learn more Visit our Compute page and watch video About past, present and future achievements in computing.

Visit the university overview page For more general information.

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