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Photo Submitted Sophomores Olivia Dickson and Victoria Redman add a new floor to Utica Shale Academy’s new building on the former Huntington Bank in Salineville. Students are studying construction as part of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and are completing projects around sites and communities, such as a landscaping project near a village police station.

SALINEVILLE — Utica Shale Academy students are equipped with the skills to become the workers of tomorrow.

Members of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) major construction class gain experience preparing a new excavation at the former Huntington Bank building just a few doors down from the main school grounds on East Main Street in Salineville. I’ve been piling up. Most recently, we have literally laid the groundwork by adding flooring to our facility.

“They have learned to do small construction and are working on the wiring, drywall and floors in the Huntington Bank building.” Superintendent Bill Watson said. “For two months, they paint, do the drywall and lighting, do the trim and redo the rest of the trim work. There are 15 students working on the project intermittently.”

The brick floor was donated by Summitville Tile, which employs current and past US students. Watson said concrete work outside the building is also part of his NCCER.

The program was recently expanded after acquiring a former bank building for career and workforce development with classrooms, offices and hands-on work areas. The original Hutson Building houses Career Technical Skills Training and Online His Curriculum. The Huntington building, thanks to Ohio Senator Michael Lulli and Congressman Tim Ginter (both his R-Salem), using funds from the $300,000 capital budget bill site, Purchased in partnership with Youngstown State University.

The Academy has expanded beyond oil and gas and now includes megatronics, PLC, internet-based courses, AC/DC electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics, electrical relays and multimeter panels for electrical monitoring. Students are also learning how to operate construction and related vehicles, and an indoor/outdoor welding lab is expected to open next year. Also, the US has partnered with YSU to allow students to use her Skills Accelerator program at the university. In the United States, through the Jefferson County Center for Educational Services, we offer online learning and hands-on education with virtual learning academies that prepare students for employment while still in high school. They acquire industry qualifications and skills. The United States is also working with the Sustainable Opportunity and Development (SOD) Centers in Salem and Ohio on the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program for Work and Family Services (CCMEP) and the Mahoning- We also offer the services of the Columbiana Training Institute. – Youth in schools to assist in training and employment.

Other services include a backhoe and forklift operating safety program with NCCER, as well as a gardening program with Snap On, where participants can earn NC3 certification.

“Gardening becomes part of Kobota Tech’s training in using heavy equipment in landscaping. We’ve been using instructors to get things done and prepare beds.” He said.

Students also developed a koi pond and waterfall, and landscaped an area near the Salineville police station. The United States, which is also part of the Eagle Scout Project, received a $660 best practices grant from the Jefferson County Center for Educational Services towards its efforts.

He went on to say that students recognize the importance of working hard, not just obtaining qualifications.

“They get the job done and know what they do is important.”

Now in its eighth year, USA currently serves 110 students and uses a combination of blended learning and hands-on education to prepare students in grades 9 through 12 for jobs in a variety of industries. I’m here. For more information, please call extension 330-679-2000. Call 4113 or go online at www.uticashaleschool.com.

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