Vagabond Chef takes his skills statewide

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – “We want to make the best better.” – That’s the motto Chef Matt Welsch lives by in his own restaurant and will now carry on throughout the entire state. 

He has been selected as the Executive Chef of the West Virginia State Parks to help out with refreshing their menus, sourcing local ingredients, and providing enhanced quality service to name a few. 

As he is already one of West Virginia tourism’s inaugural chef ambassadors and a restaurant owner himself, Welsch says he understands the need for cohesion throughout the state parks while also giving them each their own unique touch. 

”I get to have a louder voice to champion local restaurants, local farmers, local producers, all the things that I’ve been doing for years. I am very I’m very honored to have the opportunity to represent what you know, like I said, the best of West Virginia and to move forward in that way, to take my very unique set of circumstances as the vagabond chef and doing the sort of food that I do and be able to apply that to something that affects so many people on a state level to really show what makes our state great. It’s amazing.

Matt Welsch – Executive Chef – West Virginia State Parks/Vagabond Kitchen

He has spent the last week travelling to a few of the Mountain State parks to understand some of the improvements they have been wanting to make over the last year and to prepare to come up with suggestions. 

Vagabond Kitchen has been closed for the last few days but will reopen this Friday. 

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