Victorian Premier prioritizes jobs, skills and workers

All Victorians are entitled to quality, stable work at a decent wage.

And no Australian government has created more jobs than Andrew’s Labor government, with almost 440,000+ Victorians working since the height of the pandemic, supporting the economic recovery.

of Victoria Budget 2023/24 continues to do what is important for jobs and skills in Victoria, with a $738.6 million investment to help more Victorians get the training they need and empower employers with advanced skills. provide a pipeline of workers with the ability to bring back in-demand industries, grow manufacturing and innovation ecosystems, and improve safety. workplace.

We are investing $186 million to expand subsidized training, including expanding free TAFE qualifications, to help more people embark on great careers or retrain in a growing industry.

Free TAFE is a game changer statewide, saving more than 137,000 students $340 million in tuition fees since the program launched in 2019.

As promised, we have removed the once-in-a-lifetime limit on free TAFE courses for many training pathways. As such, an employee can return to her TAFE for upskilling after transitioning into her desired career, building a highly skilled workforce. they are most needed.

The Building Better TAFE Fund helps students find the best facilities for training close to home. He will invest $170 million to build his new TAFE campuses in Melton and Sunbury, set up a disability and student services hub at Gordon TAFE in Geelong, and upgrade the university. Setting up a community health and learning hub at the Bendigo Kangan Institute in Castlemaine, he establishes the TAFE Clean Energy Fund with the SEC’s revival.

The Clean Energy Fund supports students, workers and industry across the state, including Federation TAFE in Ballarat, TAFE Gippsland in Morwell and South West TAFE in Warrnambool.

An additional $90.5 million will meet the demand for subsidized vocational training across the system, and another $90 million for TAFE to provide priority skills, assist with employment, improve student welfare and maintain a quality workforce. directed to.

We are also committed to ensuring that TAFE courses offer a modern learning experience and are providing $3.8 million to review and update curricula and assessment resources across Victoria’s TAFE network.

Apprentices play a key role in our skilled workforce, and our new $4 million mental health training program will ensure they get the support they need. It will focus on young men in the construction industry, who have particularly high suicide rates, young women who may face extra pressure to establish a career, and members of LGBTIQ+ and culturally diverse communities.

Provide $1.5 million to establish and implement an apprenticeship task force to further support the success of apprentices and trainees. This builds on the Victoria Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Support Officer’s significant commitment to upholding the fair treatment of all apprentices and trainees.

Since mid-2020, Jobs Victoria has put more than 52,000 Victorians into safe jobs, and with a $35 million investment, the vulnerable, especially those living in priority areas, are experiencing a persistent disadvantage. Targeting job seekers for positions is assisted.

The future of advanced manufacturing is Made in Victoria – and we will provide $36.2 million to expand and improve the productivity of local businesses, including through the provision of research and development grants to drive discoveries that benefit the economy, increase skilled employment, Supports plans to cement Victoria as Australia’s manufacturing engine room.

We will strengthen Victoria’s ability to secure key defense supply chain projects with a $4 million investment, allowing the State to benefit from record national and global opportunities and the jobs it creates. We will work hard to get it.

We will provide more support for Victorian women starting startups and provide $5 million in support to LaunchVic’s Alice Anderson Fund to support 70 women-led startups by 2025. .

With Victorian workers and local employment as our top priority, we are contributing $2 million to support the rollout of the Fair Employment Code, which will take effect in December 2022. This ensures that suppliers and companies that benefit from government contracts and subsidies meet stringent requirements to deliver safe and comprehensive services. workplace.

We are also supporting Ethical Clothing Australia with $4 million to help businesses do the right thing with their employees as the local textile, clothing and footwear manufacturing sector grows.

International trade and investment are key drivers of economic growth in the state, creating local jobs, boosting local manufacturing and providing new opportunities for local businesses to expand.

We know that for every dollar invested in our global trade and investment network, $40 is returned to Victoria’s economy.

We will maintain Victoria’s position as a leading global investment destination, investing $20 million in the International Investment Attraction Fund alongside our $12 million to support global businesses that create local jobs. Invite Expanding Victorian exports A program to help Victorian businesses enter global markets and grow a $50 billion export sector.

Melbourne, along with London and Boston, is one of the world’s leading cities for medical research and will be the first in the southern hemisphere to produce life-saving mRNA vaccines at population scale. We are enhancing important research at mRNA Victoria with his $12.3 million investment.

We will also work hard to attract the world’s most talented workers by boosting our skilled immigration program with a $3.1 million grant.

Small businesses are located in the heart of a vibrant multicultural district. revitalize cultural hubs in Box Hill, Chinatown, Dandenong, Oakley, Elsternwick, Footscray, Richmond and other key locations to promote local employment, support local multicultural trader groups, Invest $17 million to provide scholarships to train 500 staff to help small businesses. in a multicultural area.

Gig economy workers are in the least safe jobs in the country, often with little support from their employers. We are contributing his $9 million to Australia’s first gig worker support service, ensuring that his 350,000 gig economy workers in Victoria have the support and advocacy they deserve.

We also ensure that every worker in Victoria receives every cent of the wages they are due. He donated $6.7 million to keep unsafe employers from taking advantage of workers and to help the Victorian Wages Authority continue its important work of investigating underwage claims and conducting a vital education campaign. doing. .

While all workers in Victoria have the right to return home safely at the end of the day, the construction sector is the site of the highest number of tragic workplace accidents and injuries. We kept our promise to make construction sites safer by investing $24.1 million to hire 20 professional inspectors and establish a new dedicated inspection agency within WorkSafe.

There’s never been a better time to find a job than with Big Build Victoria, which supports over 50,000 jobs across Victoria. We’re breaking down traditional gender barriers, donating $2.4 million to create amazing new career opportunities and helping more women enter the construction industry.

Remarks by Ben Carroll, Minister for Industry and Innovation

“We are doing what is important for Victoria: putting local jobs first and working with Victorian businesses and workers to make sure Victoria is the best place to do business. are investing in.”

Statement by Minister of Training, Skills and Higher Education Gail Tierney

“TAFE trains Victorians for current and future jobs. We are building a good TAFE.”

Statement by Minister for Trade and Investment Tim Pallas

“Attracting dynamic businesses to Victoria will create jobs, and helping exporters reach new markets will have a similar effect. of people, and we will continue to do what is important to them.”

Remarks by Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises Natalie Suleiman

“We are supporting small businesses in the heart of our communities, revitalizing multicultural neighborhoods, supporting merchant groups and creating local jobs.”

As stated by Worksafe Minister and TAC’s Danny Pearson

“Too many construction workers are injured on the job. We are taking action to make construction sites safer and hold irresponsible employers accountable.”

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