Viral news segment ‘Mahilig mag-Facebook’ man has become a cycling advocate

Lester Baviera - February 2023
Screengrab of Lester Babiera in a 2011 interview with ‘TV Patrol’ and Baviera in a 2023 interview with GMA’s ‘Dapat Alam Mo’ (lester.babiera/Facebook)

(Update; Feb 22 at 9:27 AM) Remember that interviewee tagged ‘mahilig mag-Facebook’ by the press a few years ago?

He is now a cycling advocate.

Lester Baviera is a social media user who has appeared as an interviewee for the press four times in 12 years.

The first was in 2011 when it was tagged as “Mahilig Mag-Facebook” by ABS-CBN’s “TV Patrol”.

The segment became a meme due to how he was identified.

During that time, Babiera said a friend asked him if he had tried Facebook’s then-new video chat feature. His friend was a radio program producer.

“I know what it feels like to work in the media, so I agreed. I didn’t expect him to tag me ‘mahilig mag-Facebook,'” he said. said in an interview. Phil Star Life last year.

Baviera’s second television appearance will take place in February 2022 at GMA’s ‘Unan Barita’, where she witnessed a traffic accident in which a drunk motorcycle driver crashed into a delivery truck.

“I was a cyclist who was nearly hit by a DUI, so while we were waiting for the police investigation, GMA reporter Darlene Kay came to cover the incident,” he said. rice field.

“She interviewed me because I saw it all,” Baviera added.

His recent television appearances tag him as a “cycling advocate” and a cycling official. bang thai bike lane exercise.

Baviera said he owns a cycling website ride a bike for the first time. that is Facebook and Instagram page too.

The site promotes cycling as a primary mode of transportation and shares stories “to encourage everyone to ride a bicycle.”

his modern look That’s when he was interviewed on GMA’s “Dapat Alam Mo!” On February 15, following the planned removal of bike lanes in Makati City.

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The move was then postponed until March after protests against plans to force transport groups and cyclists to share lanes with official vehicles.

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The #MakeItSaferMakatiMovement, in which First Bike Ride participates, said it welcomed the Makati government’s latest initiative to “enhance measures to further protect bikers.”

“We have always believed that Ayala Avenue bike lanes set the gold standard for bike lane width, protection and mobility needs not only for cyclists, but also for commuters and road users of all kinds.” The movement said in a statement.

“We believe Makati needs to continue to lead the country in best practices,” he added.

“We look forward to working together to make Makati more sustainable, fairer and safer for everyone, especially the most vulnerable road users,” the movement continued.

In the meantime, Baviera’s latest TV exposures have summed up his overall look, leading him to joke that there is a “new variant” of his name in the “Lester’s Multiverse.”

“At Nagbago Na Urit An [apelyido] ko (rolling on the floor laughing emoji),” he wrote on Facebook on Feb. 15.

“From mahilig mag-Facebook to Saksi to Cycling Advocate. Isa na akong Bantay Bike Lanes Movement. #ProtectedBikeLanesNow #MakeItSaferMakati #CommuterDinKami,” Barbiera added.

He said in an interview with “Natatawa Parin Akosa Character Development Ko”. interaction.

Baviera’s first television appearance had her surname correctly listed, but her third television appearance identified her as “Lester Bubiera”.

His fourth, on the other hand, listed him as “Leicester Barbiera”.

Baviera’s post, facebook grouphas garnered 1,900 love and laugh responses.

“From ‘Mahilig mag-Facebook’ to spokesperson for ‘Bantay Bike Lanes Movement’. Can’t spell multiverse without ‘Lester’,” said a Facebook user via emoji.

Baviera said he hopes his love of cycling will lead to labeling him as a “podcast host.”

“My friends are joking that next time I’m stupid, my PBB housemates are raw,” he joked to PhilSTAR Life.

“[But] We have a podcast about cycling starting March 10th. It’s called “Tambike Session”. I wish I could advertise on TV too. Added Baviera.

The link to his podcast is reply thread of his tweets featuring his TV appearances.

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