Virginia Backcountry Preppers Paradise Drops $5 Million


A 350-acre sprawling off-grid escape deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia is now $5 million cheaper.

As you know, High Mountain Camp last week lowered its sticker price to $12 million from the $17 million it originally requested when it hit the market in March 2020.

“Private, scenic, secluded, and completely self-contained” is how Hall and Hall’s Alex Wavell list describes this compound.

The summit location, one of the most scenic locations in the Blue Ridge Mountains, “will be a true end point location,” he told Mansion Global in an email. It also has an off-grid power system and multiple wells. “With basic supplies, we are completely self-sufficient,” he added.

In addition to all the amenities you need for off-the-grid living, this property adjacent to the sprawling Jefferson National Forest features three cabins with a total of nine bedrooms.

hall and hall

“All cabins have stunning views and the property is turnkey furnished with all furnishings and farm equipment,” Webel said.

There are also multiple outbuildings, meadows, fishing ponds, hangars, helipads, landing strips and other aviation facilities. According to the list, the Charlotte, North Carolina metropolitan area can be reached in less than 45 minutes by helicopter.

This spread may appeal to many potential buyers.

hall and hall

“The events of the past few years have changed people’s perceptions of what is possible,” says Webel. “Besides Covid and other events, there is a real increase in demand for rural retreats where multiple generations can come together.”

Webell said the seller, a North Carolina business executive with a passion for aviation and the outdoors, has owned the property for 33 years.

Mansion Global was unable to determine how much he paid for the property.

High Mountain Camp is “a fantastic family and recreational facility,” added Wavell. “Whether it’s the end of the world or a long weekend, I want to be here.”

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