Warrior goes into survival mode for a month while Stephen Curry and Gary Payton II recuperate


SAN FRANCISCO — A level of timeline clarity was provided on Monday regarding both expected absences Stephen Curry and Gary Peyton II. Curry told reporters before the game. WizardA few days ago, crutches were found in his locker. he’s not back on the court. It doesn’t look like he’s that close to making a comeback.

“It’s not like a shoulder that’s pretty predictable (and I can) play and get to a level where I don’t get re-injured,” Curry said. “This is different because ligaments can heal in different types of timelines. There is a window at each checkpoint. I want to keep a good schedule,” he said.

of Warriors 6 games in 9 days after returning from break. It seems unlikely that Curry will bounce back in that condensed timeframe. She’s talking about extending this absence until March, when she has less than 20 games left in the season.

“I don’t know how you would define a chunk[of a missed game]but yeah, I’m not going to play against you. lakers First game out of the break,” Curry admitted.

Hours before Curry spoke, Bob Myers sat at the same podium, James Wiseman The Payton deal connected with some controversial layers.you can listen See the full interview hereThe news came early. Myers announced that Peyton will be re-evaluated after her one month. For now, as Steve Kerr will later reveal, Peyton is in full rehab mode and out of court action.

The Warriors traded Payton because they believed Payton would quickly bring their playoff chase to life by taking over the bench role. But a failed physical revealed a lingering problem with his surgically repaired core — causing pain and weakness — and Rick, the team’s director of sports medicine and performance, said: Celebrini told Warriors executives he needed time to get Payton’s body back into reasonable playing shape.

“It’s our decision that he’s not ready to play now,” Myers said.

March 13th is Payton’s official evaluation date. That means Payton has already been ruled out of his first 14 games when he would have been eligible to play for the Warriors. It is unlikely that he will be given the green light in just one month. A six-week absence means there are only six games left in the regular season, and two months would put him on the brink of the playoffs.

The Warriors have a life dream that feels like a year ago in April, May and June. Curry returned from his leg injury just before the playoffs. Payton is back from a horrific elbow injury during the playoffs. They were fine enough long enough to power across the finish line and clinch the title.

But last season was different for several reasons. An 18-2 start gave them the foundation to maintain a solid playoff position throughout the regular season despite various adversities. At no point did they fall out of the picture.

The Warriors went 28-28 on Monday night and sat ninth in the West, just half a game behind the 11th seed. ThunderCallie and Peyton should eventually be back, but it could be too late depending on what happens next month.

Monday was almost a disaster. The Warriors gave the Wizards his 39 first quarter points at home. They haven’t gained traction defensively. They fell 13. draymond green He received his 15th technical just 87 seconds into the game, one away from a one-match suspension.

But the bench had a big boost in Q2. Jamaican green, grabbed his ailing right wrist and continued the flamethrower stretch despite the pain. Green has gone 4 out of 3 to 4 and has been 13 out of 24 since returning from her long COVID and Staphylococcal absence, wiping the memory of what was a rough first month. He morphed into his eighth man stout and his third big.

Donte Divincenzo Made five 3’s. He’s up to 41.4% off the deep this season, which is a career-best and a good amount. DiVincenzo makes his 3-shot total of 97 every night while serving as one of the team’s most reliable perimeter defenders.

Ty Jerome Big off the bench as well, scoring 9 points in 18 minutes. The Warriors outscored the Wizards by 12, but he was on the floor. It was his 35th game of the season and his two-way qualification clock had only his 15 games left. Kerr noted the importance of Jerome in keeping Curry out, noting that his seven assists and just one turnover calmed the action.

Andrew Wiggins He had his most productive night since his return, scoring 29 points on 12 of his 22 shots. Klay Thompson Scored 20 points in the first half and dunked into surrounding traffic Kristaps PorzingisThompson finished with 27 and revealed after the game that he was scheduled to face off. clippers Tuesday night will see him available back-to-back on both sides for the first time since tearing his ACL in 2019. Thompson called it a milestone.

“Yes,” he said. “i’m so excited.”

Thompson’s availability is important because the game is important. All the remaining ones hold extra weight in the cramped standings. He’s 29-28 with the Warriors, and he’s still in 9th place after the win, but he’s only 1.5 games out of four minutes. The Clippers are 31-28 and he is sixth. The Warriors will face him three times from now until March 15, and he’ll play twice in Los Angeles, probably without Curry or Payton.

(Photo of Klay Thompson watching him drop shots against the Wizards: John Hefty/USA Today)

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