Watch Video: 90-Year-Old Man Excited to Hold Great-Grandchildren for the First Time

Watch the video: 90-year-old man is thrilled to hold his great-grandchild for the first time

A screen capture showing a great-grandfather holding his grandson. (Photo credit: YouTube)

The great-grandfather, holding the child in his arms, said what world the child had been brought to. The old man was thrilled after meeting his great-grandson.

Grandchildren bring pure joy to their grandparents’ lives. In one such event, a 90-year-old man met his great-grandson for the first time, and with the baby in his arms, his great-grandfather exclaimed: The world we took you to. ”

The video, shared by a YouTuber named Dylan Anderson, went viral on social media, prompting netizens to think the great-grandfather was apologizing for bringing his grandson into the world we are in today.

In the video, Anderson said his grandfather was overwhelmed when he learned that the newborn was named after him and that his expression was “healthy.”

The short clip, captioned “Great Grandpa meets great-grandson for the first time,” struck a chord with social media users and generated several emotional comments.

In the video, Anderson could be heard saying that his great-grandfather was emotional when he held the child, and that his expression reflected the happiness he felt in that moment.

One user commented on the old man’s remarks, writing that the babies were being brought into a world they didn’t want.

“I am heartbroken for both of them. These babies are being brought into a world they didn’t want. We have to do better,” she wrote. .

Another source said the 90-year-old made the statement because he was fully aware that the world was collapsing and the future was uncertain.

In the comments, some people remembered the time they spent with their grandparents and great-grandparents and hoped that the man could spend as much time with his great-grandchildren as possible.

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