Watch Video: MP High Court Judge School Lawyer Discipline

Watch Video: MP High Court Judge School Lawyer Discipline

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A video has now gone viral showing Judge Vivek Agarwal coaching lawyer GS Ude on discipline.

The High Court of Madhya Pradesh on Monday dismissed a public interest lawsuit seeking an injunction to hold a religious event at the Bageshwar Dam in the state.

A video has now gone viral showing Judge Vivek Agarwal coaching defense attorney GS Ude about discipline.

On Monday, the Jabalpur Court, led by Judge Vivek Agarwal, rejected a petition to cancel religious celebrations scheduled for May 23 and 24 in Linga village, Paraswada.

Judge Vivek Aggarwal called PIL a “backer” and reprimanded the lawyer for his disruptive and disrespectful attitude toward the court.

The lawyer also received a contempt of court warning from Judge Vivec in case he continued to argue inappropriately in court.

The judge pointed out that lawyers are taught to cheat the court.

The petition claimed that Katha should not be allowed because it “hurts” Vanvasi Samaj residents in the village.

Judge Vivek Agarwal asked the lawyers who appeared on behalf of “Sarva Adivasi Samaj” who claimed to represent the “tribe” to explain the tradition of Bada Dev Bhagwan Sthal.

Furthermore, when the judge asked the defense counsel to elaborate on how the Vanvasis family’s feelings would be hurt if Bageshwar Dham Sakhar was allowed to command Kata Vachan, the lawyer was at a loss for words. .

Judge Vivek Agarwal asked the lawyer representing “Sarva Adivasi Samaj”, who claims to be the spokesman for the “tribe”, to explain the practices of Bada Dev Bhagwan Sthal.

The lawyer was at a loss for words when the judge asked him to explain how Kata Vachan, played by Bageshwar Dham Sakhar, hurt the feelings of Mr. and Mrs. Vanvasis.

In the video, Counsel Houdet found himself unable to answer Judge Vivec’s penetrating questions and began reading some of the slurred passages in the petition.

The video was posted by a Twitter user by the name of OSINT update, who wrote, “On May 22, the Jabalpur Court of the MP High Court held a second round of protests to block the Bageshwar Dham religious event in the state. Public interest litigation (PIL) dismissed,” he captioned.

After a while, the lawyer said the organization would not object if the show was hosted elsewhere.

“You haven’t answered my question. Who are you to decide where an event will or cannot take place?” asked Judge Vivec.

The lawyer said I was trying to explain using the Constitution and you weren’t paying attention.

Kuchi bi bole ja rahe hain. (You say whatever you want. Kuti bi bole ja rahe hain), he added.

The defender’s tone was not accepted by Judge Vivek, who ordered a contempt notice to be filed against him. I’m about to mention a provision under Section 51, but you won’t listen, continued the advocate rudely. The lawyer was once again warned before apologizing.

“First answer my question, then read the Constitution. Don’t be too clever. If you’re going to score points this way, I’ll send you straight to prison from here. Your practice is over.” You believe that bad behavior in court will raise your TRP, but you don’t understand that your practice ends the day we put you in jail. We are taught to do deeds,” Judge Vivec said bitterly.

On May 18, the first petition against Bageshwar Dam Sakhar was dismissed by Judge Vivek Agarwal.

Judge Vivec also asked the attorneys whether they had referred to the May 18 ruling.

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