WeBunker Launches to Build Global Network for Disaster Preparedness


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Published February 20, 2023

WeBunker is a US-based company that provides individuals and families with access to trusted sources of information, purchases, and assistance with disaster preparedness.

In a time when global conflicts are escalating and economies are experiencing unprecedented volatility, security is a luxury. Knowing that many governments seem to neglect disaster preparedness, web bunker launched in the United States to inform people and provide access to reliable sources from which they can purchase bunker equipment, preparation supplies and land.

“We understand that many people feel unprepared and unprotected when it comes to disasters and our goal is to change that. We are here to provide the resources and support families need to feel prepared and protected.

WeBunker was designed as a one-stop shop for information and quality products. Hundreds of links to the most trusted partners and a single source of truth, from real estate agents, trusted bunker builders, solar system suppliers, survival food supplies to property conservation professionals and educational institutions. To do.

budding WeBunker.io The community is growing daily, welcoming new members and discussing off-grid living and disaster preparedness. The company launched his Bunker Bite online newsletter to keep his followers up to date with the latest product reviews, the most lucrative gold and cryptocurrency investment deals, global news and more.

Building a safe shelter from scratch, buying a quality survival hood without breaking the bank, and installing a long-lasting power system are some of the must-haves on a prepper’s checklist. WeBunker.io partners with some of the nation’s most reputable companies to point everyone in the right direction for quality disaster recovery products and services.

As WebBunker co-founder Sammy put it, the company’s vision is to “build a global network of bunkers whose members have easy access to safe and secure shelter in the event of a potential disaster.” is.

The company was founded by two tech industry professionals who are passionate about expanding WebBunker’s reach and database.

More information about WeBunker.io is available on their website. Official website.

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