Well Food Hall is ready to reboot its vendor in 2023.food drink


“The Well 2.0”

That’s what project consultant Justin Anderson is calling for the impending overhaul of all current food vendors. The Well Food HallEach of the three current concepts — Noble Burger, Kumbala, Dansan — The final service day will be held on December 23rd.

The new lineup will then launch in the first week of February 2023.No new business announced — we May Get your early teaser by mid-January. “I’m thrilled with this upcoming lineup,” he says.

Furthering the transition plans, the hall’s coffee and cocktail rebate component, the Gift Horse Bar and Cafe, will remain a permanent part of The Well, from December 27th to January 1st (the cafe will be open in the morning). 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.) will resume. in the afternoon, the bar is open from 11am until closing). A food truck rotates outside the building, thrown food truck Served indoors on weekdays. (New Year’s Eve will also feature a “Casual Celebration” with DJs and live music. “Just come in. No tickets needed.”)

And in 2023, we expect to see even more food trucks that have “always been part of the equation.” “To get people into the space,” he elaborates. But guests quickly fall in love with the expansive patio area, and further improvements to the building’s interior and exterior are made during the darker months of January. ’ he says. next year. ”

The Well

Dun Sun’s Pork Belabao Bun Tacos

Regarding the current status of the transmission business, each seems to be prepared to continue in a new form in the future.

503W owner and partner Emilio Ortiz said: “Catering/private events and even food/liquor trucks are not out of the question. We are currently looking to enhance 503W and have other concepts we are looking to revitalize.”

“Noble Burger has no plans to expand in Colorado Springs at this time because it is too far to commute from my home, family and other businesses in Golden,” says owner Noah Heaney. We would like to open more full-service locations with alcohol sales opportunities and bar elements.

A representative of Kumbala said, “Kumbala Pozoleria & Barbacoa would like to thank Colorado Springs and The Well for hosting us over the past year. We look forward to a great time making friends and food. We plan to continue popping up in our hometown of Chicago.”While looking for opportunities across the country.Follow us on social media, and see where we land next!”

The Well

“Well’s mission is to help up-and-coming restaurateurs establish a presence in our area. Whether it’s helping local food truck operators or other special F&B entrepreneurs, we’re testing the market with short-term proof-of-concept, brick-and-mortar licensing deals,” said the press on the vendor change. Read the release statement.

“WELL offers enhanced services and benefits for items such as managerial accounting, use of fully equipped kitchen suites and tableware areas, full-time cleaning and porter services, on-site management, marketing and social media tools, and use of global points. We provide shared resources in an effort to reduce the burden associated with owning and operating concepts that are all independent of traditional real estate leasing, such as sales systems.”

All this charity, the adjacent investment group behind the well. “Profits from The Well are distributed to The Philanthropy Collective, and each foundation within the group distributes its pro rata to the community in a number of ways, primarily focused on the arts, conservation and racial equality fields and efforts. ,” explains the release. .

“It’s something that’s never really talked about, it’s something that’s very unique about what we do, and it’s what makes us No Mr Anderson said: “After we pay the bills, the profits that are left go back to the charity and decide where it goes.. truly incubating the business.”

“Like you said plate state: How can we move the food scene forward without coming from other big markets?” says Anderson. We want to be at the forefront of that. ”


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