What Happened to Jenna Marbles?


The home of YouTube star Jenna Marbles and husband Julian Solomita was broken into this Monday.

According to TMZ, the couple called cops after the stalker entered their San Fernando Valley home. The same person was allegedly harassing them for the past two months.

According to the publication, law enforcement officers were called to the residence after a female fan showed up looking for Jenna’s husband, Julian Solomita. She showed up twice on the same day.

Jenna Marbles and Julian Solomita started dating in 2013 (Image by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)
Jenna Marbles and Julian Solomita started dating in 2013 (Image by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

Julien Solomita shared details of the incident through her Instagram story. He wrote that he had never met the person, but that he had been harassed by them before.

“Someone broke into our house today. A woman we didn’t know broke into our house without warning. When she walked in our back door, I was immediately OC/ I was able to subdue her with pepper spray and keep her out.”

He continued:

“This person is a total stranger to me and has been harassing me at my house for the last two months.”

Julian shared that his wife, Jenna Marbles, and their dog are safe

Internet stars and newlyweds Julian Solomita and Jenna Marbles encountered a female stalker at their San Fernando Valley home just 12 hours ago.marbles and solomita marriage After dating for over nine years, they met each other outdoors last November.

Marbles, from Rochester, New York, real name Jenna Morley, has not issued an official statement about the incident. Solomita herself provided the information via her Instagram. He shared a detailed account of the incident.

He made sure he, his wife, and the dog were safe when the incident occurred. It was also reported that she tried to enter the house twice on the same day.

Solomita confirmed he had no information about the woman and had never met her. According to information released by the LAPD, Jenna Marbles and her dog were on her second floor when the incident occurred.

He wanted to keep the incident “offline,” but decided to release a statement after being informed that “a media outlet had information about today’s event.”

“This was something we were doing our best to keep offline for safety reasons, but we were informed that a media outlet had information about today’s event and was planning to run the story. So, first of all, I would like you to tell me what happened.

of Los Angeles Police Department Police reportedly called an ambulance because she was pepper sprayed when they ran into a woman on the way home. . Once the perpetrator is released from the hospital, she is taken to jail and booked for felony stalking.

So far neither Jenna Marbles nor her team I have shared further information about the incident.

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