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2023 has come to all of us, and a new year means new changes.

In the world of technology, SEO skills are the most sought after because they bring many benefits to your website and help you achieve your set goals. But how 2023 will be different than he is in 2022 is a question many want to know the truth about.

As for the skills needed, Google’s John Mueller had no hesitation that it’s actually pretty simple. It requires curiosity and persistence. A little too simplistic I think.

John explained The answer came via a series of pinned tweets in which a user asked what SEO skills were required to get a proper place in the professional world. And this was his reply. But what exactly he meant is a question worth pondering.

John went into a little more detail about the relationship between curiosity and our inner capacity to try new things. This requires testing technology and new strategies as well as content ideas. You must always be trying something new. And one of the best ways to learn such things is to never fear things going wrong.

That’s the answer to your curiosity, but what about persistence? Well, it has something to do with never giving up. You can keep working on more challenges and see where you end up.

He similarly elaborated on his inability to try new things and expect them all to be great successes. he continued.

SEO is never easy and most tech experts would agree. It’s a long game with a long process that spares no effort. Many of us expect incredible results only through hard work.

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