What will change for NH residents and hospitals as the COVID-19 emergency ends?

Parts of the federal government’s massive pandemic response ended more than a few months ago.These include Temporary Changes to Child Tax Credit and the end of February Expanding support for food stamps, experts say protection has led to a decline in child poverty.Before that, the government scrapped expanded unemployment benefits, and in March states, including New Hampshire, started unregistering people They’ve lost their Medicaid eligibility and many have moved to other insurance options.

The end of the federal public health emergency on Thursday ended further pandemic aid affecting hospitals and COVID-19 testing, vaccination and treatment.

Once the public health emergency is over, home testing will no longer be covered by insurance.

Hospitals will run out of options as bed demand remains high

During the pandemic, hospitals had considerable flexibility to respond to the unprecedented health crisis. This flexibility ended Thursday or will end in the next few months.

Before the pandemic, many of the state’s “critical care hospitals” were limited to 25 beds and 96 hours per patient. Those rules were set aside during the pandemic to allow hospitals to treat more people.

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