What You Need to Know About the May 5th Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

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just two weeks after Solar Eclipse in Ariesthe universe is working on it again — this time of the month solar eclipse of Scorpio So what does that mean? Read on for everything you need to know about the upcoming lunar eclipse, my friends.

For thousands of years, eclipses have been associated with transformation, change and massive metamorphosis. Technically speaking, a solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are perfectly aligned. moon node (highest or lowest point in lunar orbit). When the Moon reaches this threshold, a solar eclipse (the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and the Sun is temporarily obscured) or a lunar eclipse (the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon and the Moon turns yellow). turns brown) occurs. ).

Since eclipses are activated by lunar nodes (called north and south nodes respectively in astrology), eclipses are seen as portals of energy that bring about great changes in our lives. They are often associated with endings, beginnings, and major turning points. And since they always travel in pairs (quickly remember the solar eclipse in Aries was on his April 20th!) solar eclipse season is specially classified as a strange and magical time, filled with many…well, unprecedented and totally unexpected transformations.

Another thing to know about eclipses is that they are always part of a “series”. Over a period of about 1½ to 2 years, multiple eclipses (6 to 9 in total) occur on the same ecliptic axis (consisting of two opposite signs). Similarly, each eclipse is part of an ongoing story that unfolds slowly over time. Each eclipse is dramatic in its own right, but the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. stay with me here

The next lunar eclipse in Scorpio will be the penultimate lunar eclipse. Taurus– The Scorpio series that started way back in 2021. Taurus-Scorpio as the “life-death axis”: Taurus season occurs in the northern hemisphere in spring (when everything begins to bloom), while Scorpio season occurs in autumn (when the days get shorter and nature during periods of hibernation and decline). ). Of course, this is a full 360 degree cycle. There are always undulations, phases, sunrises and sunsets, arrivals and departures.

This upcoming lunar eclipse reveals how the Taurus-Scorpio series has changed massively over the past 18 months, and how this axis of life and death has played out in your life. It provides a great opportunity to think about Note that those with planets or placements in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius may have been most upset by this particular eclipse series. everyone have every day constellations somewhere in them natal chartthat is, each individual will have their own unique eclipse story.

While we do not recommend manifesting or performing elaborate rituals during a lunar eclipse (the energy is chaotic and erratic!), there are many ways to celebrate the eclipse. The Moon (which expresses emotions) undergoes a vibrant transformation, so it changes from silver to red. This upcoming lunar eclipse in mystical Scorpio could catalyze a powerful internal transformation. An opportunity to connect with your feelings from a completely different perspective. So this is a great time to consider how to do it. you Changed for 2021 and beyond internal level. How have your hopes and dreams evolved over the past 18 months? Do you process your emotions differently? What are your fears? What feeds your soul?

Allow yourself enough time to rest, contemplate, and recover. Drink water, stretch, and connect with the most important person you know: yourself. As you immerse yourself in the choppy waters of the eclipse, remember that you are guided (albeit not so calmly) to your destiny. You may never know what will happen next, but trust that all will be fully revealed in due time. And you will be fine with it.

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