Who cares that the internet is getting faster?

Letter from Park Records to the Editor

The asphalt road in front of my house in the Salt Lake City suburbs has a ditch where a fiber optic cable was recently installed.

It seems to me that the increase in available internet speeds in my neighborhood generally correlates with the decline in common sense among the people who live here.

Some of my neighbors have done abhorrent acts during the Covid-19 pandemic and paid high prices in return.

Some have abandoned any interest in city government. They have sworn to a sociopathic individualistic lifestyle or have pledged themselves to a highly protected church environment with only occasional peeks outside.

Some join or sympathize with the various far-right militias and preparations awaiting the impending doomsday apocalypse.

Who cares that the internet is fast if our brains can’t use the information it provides as good citizens?

Kimball Shinkoski

woods cross

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