Why are some people afraid of black history?


Every February, I get so numb.

It’s not because of Valentine’s Day, or because I’m tired of the cold and snow. But I’m sick of some of the comments I’ve heard about it being Black History Month. or “Well, I don’t look at races. I just look at people.”

are you really still doing this?

Black Americans have a rich history well beyond a month’s worth of material. So when I was in school, my education about black Americans was about slavery, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, How to Kill a Mockingbird? We spend so much time learning about the contributions of white Americans for the rest of the year that we have to limit history over the years — Black history, by the way, is American history. It should be limited to just 28 days. No wonder they say.

Rachel Brougham

We need to move beyond the lessons about slavery and how America was built on the backs of slaves. We need to talk about how we contributed to progress. How Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan played an integral part in the 1960s space race. Before Elvis entered the building, the Rosetta Tharp sisters were rock and roll grandmothers. We need to talk about violence and poverty in the black community and the real reasons behind these problems.

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