Why our last of stance on LGBTQ+ issues is deliberately set back


The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann explains his outdated stance on the LGBTQ+ community in an apocalyptic world after the series’ seventh episode.

Co-creator Neil Druckmann said: Last of UsThe portrayal of queer characters is regressive. This is intentional.

As reported by ColliderDruckmann made a guest appearance on the series’ official podcast, explaining how the writers approached the two budding romantic relationships. Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Riley (Storm Reid) In the show’s seventh episode, “Left Behind.” “These girls like each other, they really like each other, but I’m too scared to say anything,” he explained. Their sexuality confuses and frightens them, our world of shows will end in 2003, just to remind you all, what we went through to become accepted as a culture A revolution has not occurred in homosexuality or whatever we call normative sexuality other than heterosexuality. There’s a problem..it’s like a game..it was perfect in the game, it was perfect here, so I think it’s great.”

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The Last of Us ‘Left Behind’ shows Ellie and Riley’s romance

Written by Druckmann and adapted from the downloadable expansion of the same name, “Left Behind” follows Ellie’s life in Boston Quarantine before embarking on her adventures with Joel (Pedro Pascal). The episode currently holds her 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising the writing, cinematography, and the performances of the lead actors.Reid himself wondered why he was “left behind” Comprehensive story of Last of Us“It brings more complexity to the show,” she said. , where you can see how she moves around the world and how she occupies space. It gives the audience a little more backstory about who Ellie is.

Before, Last of Us told a similar story in the third episode, “Long, Long Time.”Nick Offerman) with Frank (Murray Barrett). Like ‘Left Behind’, ‘Long, Long Time’ is primarily a flashback scene and does not directly advance the show’s story, but complements the series’ themes and influences Joel and EllieDespite the reviews bombing for being a gay love story, “Long, Long Time” received rave reviews from critics, holding a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Last of Us was already an HBO blockbuster, with the series garnering record-breaking ratings for its second episode and sales for the original game skyrocketing. The show has already gotten early renewals from the network, Last of Us season 2 It is expected to follow the storyline of the game’s sequel.

new episodes of Last of Us Airs Sundays on HBO.

sauce: Collider

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