Woman demands double the offered salary in job interview after employer’s surprising revelation

Woman demands double the offered salary in job interview after employers surprising revelation

Why this woman demanded double the offered salary? | Image: Unsplash

New Delhi: Salary negotiation in job interviews can be a tricky thing. You need to know your worth and ask for it if you think what you are being offered is not a good deal. One woman shared how she asked for double the salary that was offered to her after the hiring manager hid an important detail about the role.

Salary negotiation

The woman said that she has “decades of experience” in her industry and knows her worth. She said that she was looking for a role with “less stress” after working in a fast-paced environment.

In a Reddit post, she said, “I have decades of experience in my field, and I’m looking for a job with less stress since my finances allow me to. No husband, no kids, no big house or car payments. The job would have not been a pay cut, but on paper it was a stress cut.”

At the end of the interview, the hiring manager told her that the job would be “almost international travel”. The woman was left surprised as she did not know this detail about the role.

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Salary negotiation conversation

The woman pointed out that the hassle of travelling and the extra time she would have to spend on flights would make her hourly pay rate “almost nothing”. And demanded twice the salary that was being offered.

She said, “So I explained I would require double what their max listed salary for the position was.”

The woman said that the employer argued she was being “unreasonable”. However, she was determined and accused the company of “lying” to her about the role.

The woman added, “They looked shocked. Acted like I was being unreasonable. Tried to say that all I cared about was money. I said, ‘I care about other things as well, but since you did not tell me that this was 75% travel until we were almost done with the interview I now have no reason to believe that you are being honest with me about anything else regarding this position or this company.”

One of the interviewers said, “Well, people are not interested if we tell them that up front.”

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How did she negotiate salary?

To this, the woman replied, “That’s a lovely way to justify lying so you can sleep at night. Bring people in, get them invested, and then change the deal. Which is fine. You want to make a change in the deal, so I want a change too. Take it or leave it.”

The interviewers told her they’d get back.

She said, “Even at that pay rate, I’m a good deal, and they know it. What they don’t know is that I would just take the job for the free travel and do a really half-a** job of it, then retire after a year or so.”

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