World Considers Further Lockdowns, US Screens Chinese Travelers

In a never-ending assault on our freedom and mental health, it looks like the authoritarian government agencies that have carried out COVID-induced chaos for over three years are about to do the same again.

US official said late Tuesday After countries such as Japan, Italy and India introduced PCR testing on arrival of Chinese passengers, they were considering Covid entry restrictions for travelers from China.

“There is growing concern in the international community about the ongoing Covid-19 surge in China and the lack of transparent data, including genome sequence data for the virus reported from China,” said a U.S. official in the People’s Republic of China. said with reference to .

Despite the fact that 90% of people in China are vaccinated and 100% wear masks, China is currently experiencing the largest COVID outbreak in the world. Yet our lunatic policymakers are ready to double down on policies that did nothing to stop one person from contracting the virus in the first place.

The news follows news from recently released Twitter files showing that government agencies around the world, including the FBI, the Trump administration, and the evil bastards of the Democratic Party, worked to remove legitimate information from social media. is desperately trying to contain it. It didn’t fit their narrative of vaccines and lockdowns.

It’s a repeat of 2019!

Apparently what they did in 2019 was very effective and they appear to be using the same playbook. This includes gruesome-looking videos of people dying in the streets and body bags piled up inside hospitals. All of these videos are fakes made by the Communist government to spread his COIVID panic around the world. But here again…

They even run Bill Gates.”simulationPreparing for the next pandemic just like he did a month before the first COVID outbreak!

And, of course, the same phony doctors – this guy is actually a cheese scientist who CNN claims was the top medical expert and was used to promote vaccines and mass panic – The same is true for

China’s foreign ministry on Wednesday responded to reports that the United States was considering imposing restrictions on travelers from China and will work together to ensure the safe movement of people between countries and the stability of global supply chains. I urged all countries to do so.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “To ensure the safe movement of people between countries, maintain the stability of the supply chain of the global industrial chain, and promote the resumption of healthy growth of the global economy, all relevant parties We need to cooperate scientifically against the epidemic.” Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said in the briefing:

Actor calls for unvaccinated people to be jailed and removed from society!

As The Daily Wire previously reported, an analysis conducted by The Washington Post’s Health 202 found that 58% of coronavirus deaths in August were in people who had been vaccinated or boosted for COVID. was. This figure has more than doubled since he last September.

“This is no longer a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” said Cynthia Cox, vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

As of October, it is estimated that 80% of the US population has been vaccinated. Of these, 68% are fully vaccinated and 34% receive boosters.

Are you ready for the impending crackdown?

It’s hard to believe that people are willfully ignorant of what’s to come. It is hard to believe that the majority of people have already given up and accepted a life of slavery. And for almost 15 years we have also warned that this day will come.

Remember, I warned you years before this started that you were living among brainwashed zombies!

If “pandemic” hysteria has taught you anything, it’s the absurdity that not only does it brainwash us, it drives us into mass psychosis and makes us psychotic.

Never forget what these bastards did to you!!!

So what should we prepare for?

At some point, all this shit is going to fall apart – and there’s no longer any doubt that it’s all by design. Rather, they’ve been telling us that perhaps the collapse will unfold slowly over the years, then pick up momentum, and somehow capture most of the world in their pants… around their ankles.

Make sure you start stocking up on essentials – that doesn’t mean toilet paper!

The first thing you need to do is make sure your essentials are covered. Essentials include water, shelter, food, sanitation, medicine and personal safety.

Use the lessons you’ve learned over the last three years to plan for what could get worse. This wasn’t about a magical virus or pandemic. kill your spiritkill the American dream and enact complete control of the population!

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