World Health Organization (WHO) provides medical supplies to Bo Government Regional Hospital after mass casualty incident

World Health Organization - Sierra Leone

The World Health Organization Country Office in Sierra Leone has responded swiftly to the Ministry of Health’s request to replenish medical supplies for the Bo Government Regional Hospital following the hospital team’s emergency response to a mass casualty incident that depleted its normal stockpile. corresponded to of hospital medical supplies. The incident involved over 400 school children, most of them girls. I was injured when a railing collapsed at Bomini Stadium as thousands of children gathered to witness an event where free sanitary pads were distributed to schoolgirls.

According to Dr Innocent Nuwagira, WHO Representative for Sierra Leone, a shipment worth approximately US$50,000 containing medicines and other medical consumables was “uninterrupted and scheduled to be delivered to hospitals immediately after the events of 2 February 2023. It is intended to facilitate the provision of an excellent service.”

“The level of competence shown by Bo’s health team to effectively manage medical emergencies for the many children injured in the accident is encouraging. We have made it clear: WHO will continue to support the government of Sierra Leone to ensure the same level of capacity in all major hospitals and ensure rapid response when emergencies arise,” added Dr Nuwagira. rice field.

The consignment was delivered to the hospital’s Minister of Health, with the participation of the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, district health administration, hospital administration and staff, traditional leaders and civil society. All key speakers at the event thanked WHO for its timely response and continued support to strengthen health service delivery in the country.

“First of all, we would like to thank our talented medical professionals for demonstrating that our system works well in normal times and during shocks like the one we just witnessed. We also thank WHO for always being a trusted partner in supporting the work of the Ministry of Health,” said Dr Austin Denby, Minister for Health. He likened the donation from WHO to “a reward for the good work of hospital staff.”

WHO plays a key role in Sierra Leone’s health sector, working closely with the Ministry of Health and other health development partners to improve the quality of routine health service delivery and to better serve the critical public. Strengthening the country’s capacity to improve capacity. Respond to health events and emergencies by certifying training, coordinating health sector partners and mobilizing necessary resources.

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