You don’t have to teach your kids bootricking skills

you say | | “School is about preparing you for adulthood, not who you vote for.”

Umno Youth Discusses Political Education Program for Teens

Koel: Understanding politics and individual rights and responsibilities is paramount.Malaysians are relatively naive and immature On political issues, including the structure of nations and the role of citizens.

This is why we hear some of the most pitiful and youthful arguments in Congress and among the public. To that extent, a simple syllabus for secondary school should replace the study of morality and religion.

Anyone who advocates moral and religious studies can take them as electives outside of school hours. If it’s just an excuse, then no!

No more propaganda talk! We do not hero-worship some leaders or develop cult personalities. There are too many questionable figures in our politics to teach our children the skill of bootricking.

Stephen Ong: Governments and ministries of education must stop all political speech that uses race or religion to influence students from their first day at school or college.

they first used religion To shape the minds of students at an early age, and now, after losing to a new Religious Bigo party, are they trying to influence college graduates in their last chance to survive?

Start educating young students about morality, good principles, civic responsibility, ethics, rights and wrongs in life, evil and good. However, it does not refer to any religion.

Once they know and are convinced of the facts and truth, voters will know who to vote for the well-being of Malaysia.

To do what is best for students, the government must invite all scholars from each religion to practice universal and common beliefs about good and evil, right and wrong.

The teachings of one religion are not enough and the evidence is there to see if everyone wants to see it.

Proarte: Yes, teenagers need to be politically educated for their future.

of united government A syllabus focused on bringing together all Malaysians of different races and religions should be developed.

There must be mutual respect and acceptance of non-discrimination of race or religion so that unity can be achieved.

Malaysia will be a welcoming home for all Malaysians, even if their ancestry is not Orang Asli. They are not considered citizens. Pentaton (foreigner).

The new political education advocated by Umno Youth emphasizes a “Malaysia of Malaysia” to realize the aims of a unity government.

how to How to: The only political education needed is honesty, responsibility, fairness, diligence and self-discipline. These virtues prepare young people for the 16th General Election (GE16).

  1. Honesty – Tell the truth, don’t cheat, and obey the law. Be trustworthy and honest. Avoid rogue politicians.

  2. Responsibility – to ensure that duties are performed properly. Take accountability and complete tasks according to your goals. Vote for irresponsible politicians.

  3. Fairness – Treat everyone with an open mindset and respect. Keep your moral judgments of other races and religions to yourself. Remove TikTok messages from fake religious politicians.

  4. Hard work – devote effort and energy to accomplishing tasks for honest rewards. No free lunch. Reject bribes from politicians for your vote.

  5. Self-management – educating young people about this requires repeating virtues (1)(2)(3) and (4).

Amadeus: A political education program for students? TRUE? why? All I read is trying to sway votes for a so-so party.

Why should it be political? Wouldn’t there be a better program to become a better Malaysian and a better citizen of the world?

Teach the younger generation about your love of the humanities, global warming, citizenship, and the betterment of your country.

Leave race and religion out of it because there is a racial division that is a sad fact. Years of racial and religious division have not been good for this country.

Look at the kids who go to school these days. What happened to having friends of different races in your circle?

After all, under our skin and color, we are all the same. It bleeds red instead of purple, blue and green blood.

A generation that thinks is more meaningful than politics.

Free-thinkers: Focus on subjects that are important to them. If they are interested in politics, they can always take mass communication as a major subject in the second half of college.

School is about preparing you for adult life, not who you vote for. Focus on the right priorities. Some subjects in school spend more time studying than they should.

Develop critical thinking, science, mathematics, and economics. Many people know little about the economy and continue to seek government subsidies.

Maya: Political education should not go through any political party. There are many other ways to teach politics and elections without prejudice. Teenagers must be given room to think and decide what is best for them and their futures.

Looking at how our politicians act, talk and argue, they are the last people who shouldn’t even be allowed to be near schools or teach politics. is best to make you think, rather than a silly spoon-fed ideology.

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