Zelda: Kingdom of Tears Travel Medallion – How to use…

Travel medallions allow you to teleport anywhere in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But how do we get it?

Tott K. Robbie
Of course, you’ll need Robby’s help to upgrade your Purah Pad. | © Nintendo

Teleporting is very useful in Tears of the Kingdom considering the size of the map. Also, like in Breath of the Wild, you can fast travel to shrines or get travel medallions to set a single fast travel waypoint wherever you want. This medallion is very useful, but it must be unlocked first. Here’s how.

Starting the Travel Medallion Quest

If you’ve played Breath of the Wild, you probably remember Robbie. He works at Lookout His Landing, where he helped build his pad and upgraded it some. camera function. However, he’s busy helping Josha with his deep explorations, so you’ll need to start his first deep main quest, plus complete at least one of his local phenomenon main quests.

After you help them with their research and repair the hot air balloon, Robbie can return to his lab. Hateno Village Located in the eastern part of Necruda. His lab is a short walk up the hill from the village, but if you visit his lobby, he’ll have something for you. He provides your Purah Pad with his 3 upgrades.sensor+, Heroes pass modeand the travel medallion.

Tott K. Accra Lab
To get the Travel Medallion, you need to go to the Accra Institute. | © Nintendo/Early Games

Get prototype

If you want a travel medallion (and I think you do too), you’ll need to visit his other research facilities. That’s because Robbie is where he left the prototype of the travel medallion. So if you’ve never been to Akkara and simply can’t teleport to the Jochiiu Shrine, you’ll need to head north past Ranair towards the East Akkara Stables.

When you arrive at the research tower and open the door, two Yiga Assassins will appear. After defeating them, inside you will find a man in a stylish mushroom costume. He introduces himself as the person who made Komba, Iga’s costume and presents it to you.but The reason you came here in the first place is inside an inconspicuous stone box.

tot k travel medallion
This tool will be very useful in your adventure. | © Nintendo/Early Games

Travel medallion upgrade

Luckily, Robbie has activated a fast travel spot in the lab so we can return the prototype to him in no time. As soon as you do, he will integrate the travel medallion into your puller his pad. from now on, You can select medallions as key items and place glowing blue fast travel points anywhere on stable terrain. This spot can be used like any other fast travel point.

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The lobby will also tell you that the number of set Travel Points can be increased to 3. To do that, we need to collect map data points. 10 for the second movement point and 15 for the third movement point. Get map data every time you start . sky view tower As soon as you have earned your points, you can return to the lobby to upgrade.

Now that you have 3 Travel Points to set for yourself, where would you like to place them?

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