Zoe Saldanha to lead Russo Brothers survival movie ‘The Bluff’


“The Bluff” is directed by Frank E. Flowers.

Zoe Saldanha A working relationship with the Russo Brothers extends beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe.of guardian of the galaxy and Avatar The star is slated to land a lead role in an action-survival film with the upcoming title, so it will be part of another potential franchise material. The Bluff produced by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo Under the banner of AGBO Productions, according to deadline.

The Bluff is an epic adventure where pirates face off against pirates on a 19th-century Caribbean island. The island is inhabited by Ersel (Sardanya) and her people, who were themselves retired pirates. Forced to return to her old ways, she becomes a heroine who rises to defend her land and people from vicious invaders who seek retributive justice for Elsel’s past sins. The project was originally set on Netflix, but a lack of progress for some unknown reason forced it to re-enter the market space with EFM underway in Berlin and, after a hotly competitive bidding round, to Prime. Video quickly won the rights.

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According to reports, the project is written as Saldanha’s star vehicle. Avatar The star has demonstrated a penchant for action roles throughout her high-profile career. The Bluff It seems we have all the right recipes for success. The re-teaming of Saldanha and the filmmaking brothers Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame Saldanha appeared as Gamora, a member of the band of nonconformists. guardian of the galaxy. The Bluff Further expand the relationship between Russos and Prime Video.Producers are already developing a spy drama Citadel,and Exclusive Series on the FTX Crypto Scandal at the streamer.

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Joe Ballarini known for his work Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, develop a script together Frank E. Flowers (untitled bob marley biopic) Who will lead the project? Flowers had previously worked with Saldanha on the 2004 ensemble crime drama film. Haven, Which do you prefer The Bluff The setting is the Cayman Islands. “For Zoe and I from the Caribbean, The Bluff It’s your chance to blend culture and authenticity with AGBO’s world-class theatrical-level action to create a film that audiences have never seen before. ”

Also produced by Angela Russo Otto under AGBO and Saldanha with her sisters. Mariel Saldanha and Cicely Saldanha for Cinestar.Saldanha is the only cast announced for the project so far, but stay tuned to Collider for updates on upcoming projects. Avatar: Path of Water It is still showing in theaters around the world.

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